Pure Scents soap making studio!                                                             Natural Process

We began soap making back in 1996 from a small space in our home in Shrewsbury, now we work from a purpose built studio in a renovated chapel high in the south Shropshire hills!
Natural soaps have been made for eons using the cold process method. This simply entails mixing an oil with a lye (a solution of water and sodium hydroxide). The two ingredients mixed together produce a chemical reaction called saponification which produces soap.
The secret of good soap is the type of oils used and in what combination. Different oils will produce varying qualities in the soap such as hardness and softness and the type of lather. Also the lye has to be finely balanced with the oils to produce a Ph. neutral soap that will moisturise as well as cleanse the skin.
Once the mixing has begun we'll also add a blend of fragrant and therapeutic Essential Oils and, depending on the type of soap we're making, we may add clays and ground herbs for colouring or exfoliation.  Some blends offer extra moisturising quaulities when specific oils are added at the end of the process.
Our off-the-block" range has complimentary botanicals added once the soap has been poured - they look gorgeous and can be sliced off, about half an inch thick, so the remainder of the bar can be used as usual whilst the pretty top can be left whole and displayed in the bathroom!