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Hi! We are Pip and Ivor and we run our business within a beautiful backdrop of the South Shropshire hills. Inspired by the textures and colours of this beautiful landscape. Our range of products intend to reflect this simplicity & beauty of Mother Nature.  All our soaps and body care essentials are primarily health centred as we endeavour to provide authentic, wholesome, people and planet friendly products.

People say our soaps look 'good enough to eat!' and they certainly do, (but we don't recommend you try!), however they will be gentle and nourishing on your skin.....a back to basics skin food with lots of botanical themes. We all know that skin breathes, and just like the saying "You are what you eat", likewise what we put on our skin is just as important. 

Nature provides us with everything we need, simply and straightforwardly and we try to reflect this simplicity in our ranges of Aromatherapy Essentials and endeavour to promote the pleasure of nature's gifts through smell, sight and effect.

'Pure Scents' soap making began way back in 1996 in Shrewsbury, working from our home. Now we have a purpose built studio, in the hills!  This is part of an old Methodist chapel that we renovated in 2007.  The chapel, which had fallen into disuse and a part of the lead mning community which thrived during the nineteenth century, had been standing forlorn and empty for several years.  It stands in a designated area of outstanding natural beauty in the Shropshire hills.  we happened across it one fine sunny winter's morning out on a walk! We saw its potential immediatelyit and thus began a long journey of purchase, planning applications and renovation.   We are fortunate enough now to be living and working in a beautiful rural landscape surrounded by rocky hills and a lot of sheep! 

PHOTOS: The first photo is the chapel before renovation. The second is one of the many sheep families nearby. The third is the Marigold bed one of the beautiful therapeutic healing flowers and herbs which go into our Calendula Soaps and creams.  Below the sheep is 'our' cow family - each year another calf is born, here is the family welcoming it into the family!  The last is me, Pip, pointing towards the chapel in the far distance on the Shropshire Hills, nestled in the Hamlet right where my finger is!