Gift Collections

Our range of beautiful Gift Boxes contain all the ingredients for the perfect present, either for yourself or a friend.


For me, this is the best bit -I love making everything look pretty together! Presentation!  The labels, for the most part are created with photos of images round & about me, taken by me for a specific purpose and to illustrate what is inside the box.  All the boxes are ready to post (with a little wrapping paper on top) because they are sturdy. All the paper we use is recycled and the boxes are certainly recycleable once the contentds are used. 


Block layout Line layout

"Earth Angel" gift box

Earth Angel hand & body cream together with Geranium & Rosewood soap

Calendula gift box

Sensitivity gift box with 'calendula facial treat' and Calendula fragrance-free soap

Pure Scents Aromatherapy collection

Gift box containing 3 wrapped soaps from our 'Aromatherapy' range

'Berry Beautiful' Gift box

'Berry Beatiful' bathtime treats.

Celebration Gift Box

Celebration Gift Box

Abundance - Lavender

Abundance Lavender Gift Box

Abundance - Berry

Abundance- Berry Gift Box

"Warm & Spicy" Gift Box

This box contains our three warm & spicy hand made soaps

'Scented Garden' Gift Box

three favourite 'flowery' soaps from 'Off-The-Block' collection