Facial Care - simple solutions.

Skin is skin! But the skin on the face is always exposed to the elements.  Therefore it makes sense that it may need a litttle more attention.  It does not mean that a labelled 'body cream' cannot be used on the face as the ingredients are more or less the same - the difference generally being the addition of richer oils for the face - or, in some cases less!

It may follow that facial skin is more sensitive, due to exposure, but that does not mean it is necessarily remedied by using more intense solutions.  Getting the balance between protecting it and clogging it up is an individual thing and something we all need to experiment with. Pure Scents facial products are designed to be pure and simple, enriched with oils which condition the skin leaving it supple and nourished and gently fragranced as nature intended.  


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Calendula gift box

Sensitivity gift box with 'calendula facial treat' and Calendula fragrance-free soap

Calendula Soap for Sensitive Skin

Sensitive Skin

Calendula Facial Treat for Sensitive skin 60ml

Calendula Facial Treat for sensitive skin.

Organic Facial Toner - 100ml.

This is Rosewater, a simple skin toner, made from Organic Rose floral water.

"Radiance" Facial Oil with Rosa Mosqueta & Organic Oils. - 30ml.

Luxury facial oil with Rosa Mosqueta and organic oils.

Facial brush

The perfect gentle exfoliator for your skin