Natural Handmade Soap

Soap making is totally addictive and we love it!

All our soaps are made with pure vegetable oils and fragranced with natural Essential oils. The colours are achieved with earth pigments, herbs, spices and natural food colouring.  We make our soaps using the  "cold process" method which retains the natural glycerin  inherant within the oil.  The yummy scent is achieved with pure Essential oils, which contain the 'life force' of the plant, offering therapeutic value well known to Aromatherapists.

These soaps not only smell divine but also naturally moisturise  with a rich and creamy lather.  The soap is very long lasting and the scent holds until the very last bit!  Our soaps can be used on all skin types and particularly on problem and sensitive skins.


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Calendula Soap for Sensitive Skin

Sensitive Skin